Defender's Day - September 14th - was observed at Todd's Inheritance Historic Site with period re-enactors depicting accurately some of the clothing, equipment, and lifestyles of early 19th century America and Great Britain.
Special thanks goes to the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, The Royal Marines for their excellent contribution to the day!

The 1st Company Marines spoke about their equipment...

and answered questions.

Typical combat load of the Royal Marines that landed at North Point 190 years ago

The standard muskets issued to the Royal Marines were also available on display

Ruth Todd Boggs answered questions about her family

Oak Lawn Cemetery commemorated Defender's Day with a wreath laying

The 1st Company deployed into a skirmish line

The front rank reloads as the 2nd rank makes ready

The 2nd rank picks a target!

Proper method of aiming the King's rifle

Ruth and the Royal Marines

Ruth appearing on the porch as her ancestors might have, LLC
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