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Giving home schooled children a head start on healthy, active lifestyles

We are delighted to offer this new and exciting program to the home schooling community. This program provides the 'missing link' that so many parents have expressed concern about in preparing the minds, bodies and spirits of our children for life as an adult in this world. 

This program is called Fitness First and is designed to give children in home schooling families a head start on healthy, active lifestyles.  

The Southeast Regional Recreation Center (SERRC) facility is 22,000 square feet and is located at 4201 North Point Boulevard. SERRC offers soccer, volleyball, football, hockey and lacrosse to the families of the Baltimore area. These sports and several others are being incorporated in to an exclusive physical fitness program presented for the home schooled student. 

The curriculum is set up in two semesters, one each in the fall and spring, and each semester will last for fifteen weeks. Each curriculum block is one hour in length and will consist of three activities each lasting for five weeks. The price per semester is only $95. There will be one class offered each hour with only 10 students allowed in each class. This ensures class size small enough for exacting instruction, yet still allows for team play in sports where this is necessary. 

We will not just be 'rolling the ball out' and letting the participants loose. The first week of every five-week activity session will include handouts concerning the history of the activity and information on the equipment and rules involved. At the end of the five-week session, the parents have the option of preparing a test for their children on these aspects of the activity. 

Feel free to contact the Southeast Regional Recreation Center (SERRC) @ 410-887-3465 to find out how to register. Fitness First has a limited number of slots available in each homeschool age group.  

The volleyball unit will introduce the children to one of the most enjoyable team sports at any level. Each child will learn the fundamentals of forearm passing, setting, hitting and serving.
The soccer unit will introduce the children to the fastest growing sport in the United States. Each child will learn how to dribble, pass and shoot a soccer ball.


To be taught in a manner in keeping with the philosophy of the program, the football curriculum will focus on the skills necessary to play the game. All games will be flag or touch football with any aggression or violence prohibited.


The badminton unit will introduce and develop the fundamental skills of this fast paced game. Each child will develop his/her skills in a fun and exciting format, which is sure to make this game a favorite.


Played just like ice hockey and similarly to basketball and soccer, this sport will primarily involve passing and shooting. Organized team play comes in week four and week five.

The objectives of the program are to introduce and analyze skills, discuss rules of the game, provide game experience, and create a positive learning environment., LLC
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