Millers Island Emergency Preparedness Team

We need a team of people interested in preliminary emergency training.  The training is free, it is a 10 - 12 week program, 2 hour sessions.  The training place has yet to be determined but will be on our peninsula somewhere; Edgemere Senior Center or one of the schools.  Learn first aide, rescue techniques and to prepare for disaster of various kind, not just weather related, but obviously with our experience with Tropical Storm Isabel and our location being surrounded by water, this will be a definite subject matter of training.  There are no physical requirements but you must be at least 16 years of age to be eligible for the training.

Be prepared, know how to help yourself, your family and your neighbors.

Contact Bernice at if interested in the training.  We already have 10 people interested and if we can get 10 more we are on our way to training.  The more the merrier but Baltimore County wants at least a class of 20, so come on out and prepare yourself for whatever situation arises here in the community.

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