Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about and the North Point Peninsula:

Q - What's this website all about?
A - As the home page subtitle states, this website is about everything on the North Point Peninsula of Baltimore County, Maryland, USA.

Q - Where is Edgemere?
A - Edgemere, Maryland is the largest community on the North Point Peninsula of Baltimore County.  It's easily accessible via the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) Exit 42, the Patapsco River, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Q - How many people live in Edgemere?
A - According to the 2000 Census, 9,248 people.  Click here to download the full census for Edgemere:

Q - What area does this website cover?
A - We consider the North Point Peninsula to be all of the land south of Old Battle Grove Road, and between Bear Creek, Patapsco River, Chesapeake Bay, & Back River.  Click here to see the North Point Peninsula.

Q - How old is Edgemere?
A - There's not an exact establishment date of Edgemere,
but in the early 1900's, people from several neighborhoods gathered in one of the churches to select a name for the community where the present SPHS building is located.  After much discussion, the name Edgemere was chosen by combining "edge," a margin or boundary, with "mere," from the Old English for sea or lake.
An earlier reference to what may have been Edgemere was made by a British Army officer during the invasion of September 12, 1814, that stated they passed through a small collection houses at a crossroads 3-miles from the beach head.

Q - Why does some of my mail arrive saying that my address is in "Sparrows Point"?
A - The United States Postal System designates the 21219 zip code as being Sparrows Point - even though no one lives there.  Be glad they deliver your mail at all!

Q - Where can I stay when I come to visit Edgemere?
A - If you're fortunate, with friends or family.  If not, you'll have to stay in any number of hotels around the Beltway.  Edgemere has no hotels.

Q - Why is our area often referred to as Dundalk?
A - Because dumb people say dumb things.

Q - Why are some groups on MyEdgemere and others not?
A - Some of the groups, teams, & organizations have taken advantage of our offer of free websites and others have not.  If you want your group's website here, click this and learn how.

Q - Why don't you do news stories on this site?
A - There are more than enough local newspapers covering Eastern Baltimore County.'s mission is the North Point Peninsula, not reporting about it.

Q - How often is the website updated?
A - is updated everyday in some way.  It may be just adding scores to the SPHS Team Schedules, or major updates to our group's pages.

Q - How many hits do you get during the day?
A - We don't count hits;  we count "unique visits" to the site.  A unique visit is a single visit by each computer that accesses any page.  It can never count as a new visit that day.  As of February 1st, 2005, we're averaging 940 unique visits a day.

Q - Why don't you have a message board were people can post things?
A - Message boards contain very little useful information and tend to be used by perverts & low-life's.

Q - Can I announce family reunions, weddings, and such on MyEdgemere for free?
A - Yes - so long as it's not a for-profit business.  Businesses can advertise on for far less then the local print outlets.

Q - Who owns this website?
A - is privately owned & maintained by and for people that love the North Point Peninsula.

Q - Have you ever thought about doing interviews with prominent people?
A - No.  But now that we think about it - No.

Q - Why don't the local politicians have websites on MyEdgemere?
A - See the answer above about Message Boards.

Q - Why do you call the site MyEdgemere, when you cover so many other communities & neighborhoods?
A - Calling it MyEveryCommunity& seemed a bit wordy to us.

Q - Where's the best place to experience Winter on North Point?
A - Bermuda.

Q - Why does your website look weird in Netscape?
A - Because Netscape is a 2nd rate browser.

Q - You used to have a lot of links to stories from the Dundalk Eagle.  Where'd they all go?
A - The Dundalk Eagle is now charging to use their achieves.  We don't believe the stories are worth the cost., LLC
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