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This document serves as an agreement between the Advertiser and the ownership of, LLC, for a classified ad to run for a period of two (2) weeks from the date of posting on, LLC
, will place the ad in an appropriate category for the item being sold (i.e. Kittens in “Pets”, Cars in “Autos”, or DVD Player in “Electronics”)

The type of ad I want is:

25 Words & 1 Picture for $15.00 
50 Words & 2-5 Pictures for $25.00

I am submitting Pictures:

Yes (Email pictures to

Ad Text*:


Email Address*:


Street Address:




* Required

After submission send a check for the appropriate amount to:, LLC
PO Box 41
Ft. Howard, MD  21052

Once the check has cleared your ad will be posted. Cash & money orders are also accepted. LLC is committed to providing you the finest product in Internet Advertising for the best value possible.  We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy and will never release in any way, shape, or form your personal information. 

In consideration for the acceptance of advertising on LLC, the advertiser or its agent warrants that the advertising content violates no state or federal law, that it contains no language creating defamation, appropriation, or any other tort liability, and that permission or rights have been obtained for all copyrighted material.  The advertiser or agent promises to protect and defend LLC, its officers, agents, employees, and assigns against any claim of description that rises as a result of the publication of any advertising, and to pay all legal fees, expenses and court costs should any such claim be brought against LLC. The advertiser agrees that LLC, its officers, agents, employees, and assigns shall not be liable for failure to post in whole or in part as a result of a strike, of weather-related forces, of damage to its offices, machinery or equipment, or as an act of God or other circumstances that would cause LLC  to discontinue or delay publication., LLC
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