PTSA 2004/2005


Attendance: Toni Thiess, Fred Thiess , Rob SantaCroce, Audrey Klimovitz , Chris Klimovitz, JoAnn Wolf, Vernon Smither, Carl Pohlner, Darlene Caldwell, Donald Duncan, Kathy Duncan, Carla Weichert, and Sue Elste

Meeting called to order at 6:03 p.m.

Patty Sauerwald's not been able to make meetings so we selected another Secretary. Toni Thiess agreed to assume the position of Secretary.

The Bank Statements are being sent to school with Donna's name.  They should be sent directly to Sue's house. We need to correct this at the bank.

Treasurers report as of 11/9/04 we had $2,284.77.  Kathy turned in a deposit slip for $133.00.

Membership reported that we went from having 73 to 103.

Fundraiser as of this date received $559.00.

Scholarship group will meet next Tuesday and anyone interested can attend.

American Education Week - The PTSA need not do anything since very few parents participate.  The PTSA did make "Hugs & Kisses" for the parents.

MyEdgemere.com is being coordinated by Kathy with the assistance of her son. We agreed to Use Pointer.

After Prom Party was discussed.  Mr. SantaCroce stated that money might be available to help with the cost.  The PTSA must be involved because of the Insurance issue.  Mr. SantaCroce was going to meet with Mrs. Karwacki about the party.

Mrs. Jones asked for a donation for Miss Sparrows Point.  The PTSA agreed to donate $60.00.

Toni read a letter that was prepared by Darlene to be sent out in the Newsletter for donations.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:38 p.m. Next meeting will be held in the Library on 12/14/04.


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